Hummingbirds - Ingredients For a Healthy Habitat

Flowers, insects and water are three key ingredients to creating an environment your tiny visitors will hum about!

Natural nectar provides hummingbirds with a steady supply of fast energy, and a balanced source of micro-nutrients. It is estimated that hummingbirds need to consume the nectar from between 1000 to 2000 flowers each day, taking up around 1.5 times their body mass in water each day as they feed. Unfortunately, development and sprawl have caused hummingbird-friendly habitat to disappear all across the country and across the birds' migration routes. To help ease the pressure:

Hummingbirds need protein from pollen and insects to maintain their bodies and grow new feathers. Like swifts, hummingbirds have specialized neck muscles that help them take insects from the air. The birds also glean insects from leaves and from spider webs. To maintain a healthy ecosystem in your yard:

Hummingbirds like to bathe frequently -- even in the pools of droplets that collect on leaves. Provide your yard with a constant source of water from a drip fountain attachment or a fine misting device.


Credits to National Audubon Society