Bird Buddy Carved Face Bird Houses


About The Artist

Artisan and Master Carver, Monte Spinker  has been woodcarving for approximately 16 years. He does numerous things, but the "Bird Buddy" carved face birdhouses have brought him the most recognition. He created these birdhouses in 1998 and copyrighted them in 1999. To this day, he is creating new faces that are sure to add a little magic to your home or garden. We are very pleased to offer you his unique creations here at Songbird Garden.
Carved Kobold Figures and Bird Buddy's - European Roots
Throughout the Germanic world, there is a belief in house-ghosts. These wights are called by many different names -- nissen in Denmark, tomten in Sweden, tussen in Norway, kobolds in Germany, among others -- but they all seem to be of the same sort.
The chief role of these kobolds is to take care of the house and its surrounding land. In rural households, they make sure bread rises, the cream turns to butter in the churn, the cows are well fed, and the fieldwork is successful. Today, most of them have different ways of looking after their families they follow. House-ghosts make sure your keys and glasses are where you can find them, that the house wiring is safe, and generally that things go as they ought. They help with cleaning and garden work, they are annoyed with lazy people, but make things easier for the hard worker.
The house-ghost is particularly responsible for bringing good luck to the household, sometimes by stealing it from other households. These house-ghosts work tremendously hard as long as they are appreciated, and ask little in return -- a plate of porridge and a glass of beer every Thursday, with a share of feast food on holy days, will usually keep them very happy indeed! They are also fond of whole milk, though not skimmed, which will make them most unhappy because they think you are stingy with them. House-ghosts do not understand about cholesterol.
It is a German custom to have carved kobold-figures in one's home. Such a figure will serve as a dwelling place for the house-ghost, before which his food and drink may be placed. If you have no house-ghost, such a figure like a Bird Buddy birdhouse, could be well used as the focus for a rite to call one to you. He is particularly responsible for bringing good luck to the household and keeping evil spirits away.