Nutsie Woodpecker Seed Log 36 oz. Twin Pack

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Woodpeckers Love Nutsie No Mess Classic Seed Logs!

Use with any seed cylinder feeder... no hulls, no mess!

Nutsie Woodpecker Seed Logs

Nutsie Woodpecker Classic Seed Log is a mix of tree nuts, almonds, cracked corn, sunflower hearts and black oil sunflower seed specifically designed to attract all species of Woodpeckers. The Nutsie Woodpecker Classic Seed Log seed has no hulls so that there is no mess. Virtually 100% edible with no waste. Keeps feeding areas clean and does not attract unwanted pests to your feeding station. Use with any seed log or seed cylinder feeder. A premium seed log for the wild bird enthusiast. Made in the USA!

36 oz./Log, 2 Seed Logs/Pack

Made in the USA

Woodpecker Seed Log 40 oz.