Slot-n-Pin Garden Pole with Ground Anchor

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Garden Pole System:

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Audubon Woodlink Slot 'n Pin Color-Coded Bird Accessories and Mounts

The Slot-n-Pin Garden Pole System with Ground Anchor is a basic starter pole system with an above ground height of approximately 70". Use this pole system to hang bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, plants, windchimes, spinners, windsocks and more. Create your own backyard sensation by adding easy to install color-coded Slot-n-Pin mounts and accessories.

The Slot-n-Pin Garden Pole System includes:

System #1

*Two Heavy Duty 32" Pole Sections
*Easy Install Ground Anchor

System #2 

Same as above, except it includes #WLSP31 25" Ground/Patio Stabalization Ring instead of #WLSP13 Ground Anchor. This allows you to place the Pole System on any flat surface in your yard, deck or patio. 

Select Pole System #1 or System #2 at checkout.

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The revolutionary system to customize & create your own backyard sensation!

Slot ‘n Pin features heavy-duty steel hangers, hooks and mounts with a patented design that allows color-coded accessory hangers or hooks (with a pin) that simply slide into matching color-coded mounting receivers or clamps (the slot). Slot ‘n Pin accessories can be installed in just minutes on pole connectors that allow for single, double, triple and quad combinations of various accessories; wall mounts that allow for single and double hooks and hangers; or deck clamps that allow for single or double hooks and hangers on either vertical or horizontal deck rails. This ingenious design provides limitless combinations of accessory design for those who want to create their own unique backyard sensation.

*Easy to customize
*Create your own backyard sensation
*Installs in minutes!
*Thousands of combinations
*Mounts on walls, decks or ground poles
*Attract more birds!

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Thousands of Slot-n-Pin Combinations!


Slot 'n Pin Color-coded components allow for EASY, FAST & ENDLESS combinations!

Slot-n-Pin color-coded components allow for EASY, FAST & ENDLESS combinations!

Unique slot and pin mechanism allows for EASY ASSEMBLY.

Unique slot and pin mechanism allows for EASY ASSEMBLY. Slide the pin into the slot... and you're done!

Use the Color-Coded accessories and mounts to create your own backyard sensation!

All Slot-n-Pin items in our store is identified by a color code Green, Red, Blue or Purple

Pole Mount (Green) - Match with Green, Red or Purple accessory
Wall Mount (Red) - Match with Red or Purple accessory
Deck Mount (Blue) - Match with Blue or Purple accessory

Step 1 - Select a Mount (Pole, Wall or Deck)
Step 2 - Select an accessory

Match Blue accessories with Blue deck clamps
Match Red accessories with Red wall mounts

Or, pick ANY Purple accessory to match ANY mount. 

Slot-n-Pin Single Deck Mount

Single Deck Mount

Slot-n-Pin Multi-Pole Mount

Multi-Pole Mount

Slot-n-Pin Single Wall Mount

Single Wall Mount

Slot-n-Pin Double Deck Mount

Double Deck Mount

Slot-n-Pin Double Pole Mount

Double Pole Mount

Slot-n-Pin Double Wall Mount

Double Wall Mount