Songbird Oriole Magnet Feeding System

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Color orange attracts orioles like a magnet!

The Oriole "Orange" Magnet Feeding System attracts hungry orioles to your yard like a magnet. This feeding package includes our Oriole Magnet 12" Baffle, Fliteline 52 Ounce Feeder and Orange Nectar Protector Junior Ant Moat. All components are proudly made in the USA!

Oriole Magnet 12" Baffle - Attracts Orioles and keeps them cool at the same time! All orange color attracts nearby Orioles and 12 inch diameter baffle blocks out sunlight which keeps the feeder underneath cooler. Shade also keeps nectar fresher so it lasts longer. Includes sturdy hanging hardware. Made in the USA of durable polycarbonate, the same material used in making eyeglass lenses.

Fliteline 48 ounce Oriole Feeder

Fliteline 52 Ounce Oriole Feeder - Interior wasp/bee guard, flat reservoir top for easy refilling, large mouth east to clean nectar reservoir. Same feeder base as the smaller Fliteline 230 with a larger nectar reservoir. Large 52 ounce nectar capacity means less refilling! Hang/post mount. 52oz nectar capacity.

Oriole Nectar Protector Jr. Orange

Songbird Nectar Protector Jr. Orange - Stops ants from reaching your oriole feeder nectar! Using Songbird Nectar Protector Junior Ant Moats on your feeders means NO PICNIC for the ants! Feeders without ants attract more birds! Protects Oriole, Hummingbird, fruit, and butterfly feeders from ants. Simply hang above the feeder and fill with water or vegetable oil - ants can't swim! This ant deterrent holds twice as much water than most on the market - so you don't have to refill as often. Easy to clean concave bowl. Less maintenance than most ant moats!  Strong - Holds even the largest feeders! Comes with S hook, fits 100% of feeders - even decorative feeders.