Hand Forged Oriole Fruit Feeder Set of 3

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Attract fruit loving songbirds to your backyard sanctuary!

The Hand Forged Oriole Fruit Feeder is great for feeding bunches of grapes!

Welcome orioles, robins, mockingbirds, grosbeaks, tanagers, and other colorful songbirds by simply placing out juicy, vitamin-rich fruit. Secure multiple orange or apple halves, pieces of banana, small bunches of grapes, even ear corn for squirrels to the four heavy duty skewers. You’ll be delighted with the fruit loving songbirds you’ll attract to your backyard bird habitat. Hand forged black metal, hang from built in "S" hook. 10 inches tall, skewers are 4 inches long. Made in the USA

Set of 3 Fruit Feeders

Made in the USA

Use the Hand Forged Oriole Fruit Feeder to hold ear corn for feeding squirrels! 

The skewers of the Hand Forged Oriole Fruit Feeder are great for holding ear corn to feed hungry squirrels!