Alcyon Porcelain Egg Bird Home Set of 4

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Beautiful, unique and functional homes for nesting backyard birds!

Save $$ when you purchase a Set of 4 Alcyon Bird Homes. Mix and match colors! 

Each bird home comes individually boxed and make wonderful gifts! 

Forged Hanging Hook included with each home!

The Alcyon Porcelain Egg Bird Home is designed with birds in mind. Engineered for specific species requirements, the bird homes are a beautiful complement to any avid gardener’s labors. The egged shaped homes are made from high-quality porcelain, and come in four appealing colors; oxide red, sandy granite, meadow green and cobalt blue (shown above). They even feature a removable twist cap bottom, for easy cleaning once the mild weather inhabitants have moved on.

Elegant, Sturdy Construction! At first glance, they are beautiful and unique, but a more inquisitive look reveals that these Bird Homes are very functional as well. They are designed to attract a number of secondary cavity nesters such as Wrens, Chickadees, smaller Flycatchers and even some Warblers.

Made from durable porcelain, this home is designed to handle the summer heat, rain and freezing temperatures.  The quality of this bird home makes it a wonderful addition for the serious birder, a house warming gift, or a beautiful addition for you to add to your outdoor garden.


  • Forged hook design allows for hanging on a tree limb or permanent mounting on a vertical surface 
  • Hygroscopic (wicks away moisture)
  • Bottom screws out for easy cleaning
  • Designed to attract cavity nesters such as Chickadees, Warbler and Wrens
  • Choose from 4 colors; Oxide Red, Sandy Granite, Meadow Green, and Cobalt Blue 
  • Durable enough to handle the elements from summer & spring

Dimensions: 6.5 diameter x 8.5 tall

Set of 4 Alcyon Bird Homes (22 lbs approx. shipping weight). 

Note: You can order all the same color or mix and match colors. Select colors at checkout for each bird home.