Vermont Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Brass

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The finest outdoor thermometer ever made!

Accurate, durable and beautiful, the Original Vermont Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Living Finish Brass is a treasured gift for any occasion!

With its clean lines and classic elegance, our original Vermont Spirit Thermometer is a proven performer! The introduction of this model in 1992 established Conant Custom Brass as the industry leader in the production of high-quality solid brass thermometers.

This model includes both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales (-40 to 120 degrees F). Solid brass, with a natural finish; mounting bracket and screws included.

All Conant Custom Brass products come gift boxed and are guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship!

Dimensions: 7.5" tall x 2.5" deep x 1.25" diameter.

About Vermont Spirit Tube Thermometers

Our classic spirit tube thermometers offer an elegant way to monitor the temperature indoors and out. For extra visibility, check out the large-scale Vermont Grande View (CCBT16) and Vermont Estate (CCBT18) models. Whatever you choose, the solid brass construction ensures accurate and dependable performance even in the harshest environments.

All Vermont Spirit thermometers are mercury-free. We use a solution of pigmented mineral spirits, which, like mercury, is accurate to within +1/-1 degree. Most models feature both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales; others are available in Fahrenheit only.

Our brass and copper thermometers feature a "living finish" (see below) that mellows to a warm patina over time. They will never peel, flake or rust like inferior models. Our spirit thermometers make perfect gifts with universal appeal — guaranteed!

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All Conant Custom Brass Products Have A "Living Finish"

Like fine wine, solid brass and copper age gracefully and develop a mellow, antique patina over time. All Conant Custom Brass products have this "living finish," which enhances their genuine beauty for years to come. These products will never peel, flake or rust, even when used outdoors. They do not apply a protective coating to the surface of our outdoor products, simply because no clear coating lasts as long as the raw metal itself.

Conant Custom Brass "Living Finish" 

The photo here shows the transition of our classic Grande View Thermometer from a shiny, polished finish, to a warm antiqued finish, to a classic verdigris. Used outdoors, brass products naturally develop an antiqued finish after about two to three months' use. The verdigris finish develops anytime from 25 to 100 years' use — or as quickly as nine months if exposed to salt. The genuine beauty of a naturally aged patina appeals to those with a traditional aesthetic. Guaranteed for life!