Hummerfest Hummingbird Feeder 12 oz

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Attract hungry hummers to your yard!

Is there anyone who hasn't seen the sheer beauty of a Hummingbird feeding at a spring flower, or seen films of these magnificent flyers? If so they have missed one of the most spectacular and enthralling displays of aerial acrobatics. These tiny birds hover over a flower, dipping their slender beaks into the blossom to retrieve a golden drop of sweet nectar. Their antics and acrobatics can not be forgotten. Watch as they dart and sway to take tiny sips of the food you provide. See their colors change as they move around the feeder, see their wings in constant motion and wonder how they can sustain such action. You play a big part in their lives as you feed them the nutrients which keep them flying and returning to your feeder. 

Hummerfest Hummingbird Feeder 

Holds 12 ounces of nectar. 6 feeding stations on bright red top to attract hummingbirds. Cover acts as a UV shield to protect your nectar from direct sun as well. The top opens for easy cleaning and filling. 8" solid brass hanging rod included. Can be hung or post mounted. Drip proof and bee proof. Made of durable, unbreakable polycarbonate material. Built-in ant guard.  


* High-impact polycarbonate (dishwasher safe-top rack)
* Holds 12 oz.of nectar
* Built-in ant moat
* Rain deflectors
* 6 feeding ports
* Brass hanging rod
* Lifetime Guarantee
* Made in the USA

8-3/4" wide, 2 " deep, 8" high 


Optional Red Weather Guard available at checkout!