Richard Lamson Bird Magnet Collection Set of 12

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Quality handcrafted glazed ceramic refrigerator magnets for bird lovers!

Make every day "Birdiful" with these cheerful glazed ceramic refrigerator magnets from the creative wit of noted songbird carver, Richard Lamson. The complete collection of 12 handcrafted bird themed magnets including bluebird, chickadee, goldfinch, cardinal, hummingbird, common loon, heron, egret, dove and bald eagle. Use on any metal surface, such as refrigerators, file cabinets, etc.

Set of 12 ceramic bird themed magnets for a limited time while supplies last! These makes wonderful gifts for birding enthusiasts!

2.25 x 2.25 inches  

Click links below to view each magnet in the collection!

Bluebird Magnet - It's a Birdiful World!

Bluebird Magnet - Good Friends are Birdiful!

Chickadee Magnet - You're My Little Chick-a-dee!

Goldfinch Magnet - Birdiful Day Great to be Alive!

Hummingbird Magnet - Life is Birdiful!

Hummingbird Magnet - Grandmas are Birdiful!

Heron Magnet - A Birdiful Life from Heron Out!

Loon Magnet - Birdwatchers are Loonatics!

Egret Magnet - Have No Egrets - Live Life to the Fullest! (no image)

Cardinal Magnet - Grandmas are Birdiful! (no image)

Bald Eagle - America the Birdiful (no image)

Dove - I Dove You (no image)

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