Squngee Deluxe Squirrel Feeder Bungee Jumper

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Squirrels spin and bounce, twirl and dance!

You will delight in nature's greatest acrobats as they bungee-jump for corn!

The Squngee Deluxe Squirrel Feeder offers countless hours of pure, clean entertainment! Watch as a squirrel jumps on the corn, then as they hold on to the cob and the spring, their weight causes them to bounce and swing back and forth and up and down approximately 12 to 18 inches while pulling out kernels. The Squngee features a strong metal wire with two eyebolts for corn cobs. An upper portion of the cord features a tight spring, covered in fabric to protect squirrels' toes. The construction features weather and squirrel tooth proof metal that will last for years to come. The Squngee Deluxe bungee-jumping Squirrel Feeder offers hours of squirrel acrobatics season after season.

And, if you have squirrel problems at your birdfeeders, Squngee can divert the squirrels toward the corn, a preferred squirrel food. The squirrels will thank you!

* Great gift idea for grandpa and grandma, Mom and Dad.
* A lifetime guarantee!
* Squirrel tooth proof!
* Ready to hang!

Made in the USA

Squngee Deluxe consists of:

* Chain and Ties to hang on a hook, tree branch, etc.
* Instructions to easily hang and enjoy Squngee year-round
* A Bungee Section that expands and contracts as squirrels jump on it.
* 2 Eye Screws to attach dry field corn.

Squngee Deluxe Squirrel Feeder Bungee Jumper

Squngee Q & A

Does Squngee harm the squirrels?

Absolutely not! SQUNGEE is designed to be a harmless and entertaining way to feed squirrels. The cable at the bottom of SQUNGEE is fairly rigid so it cannot wrap around a squirrel's body. The spring is encased in a shroud so a squirrel cannot get its toes pinched. And the squirrels must like it - they keep coming back for more. (Maybe like human bungee-jumpers, squirrels are adrenaline addicts!)

Does Squngee really work?

Yes! When the squirrels jump up and grab the corn, they hold on. While they hold on and pull out kernels, their weight and gravity is bouncing them up and down about 12-18 inches while they spin and swing. (We have even seen squirrels Squngee® upside down!)

Can't squirrels chew through the bungee cord of Squngee?

Squngee has NO BUNGEE-CORD in it. In fact, Squngee is made entirely of weather-and squirrel-tooth resistant metal. There is a fabric shroud covering the spring to prevent injuries to your bushy-tailed visitors, but even if they chewed the shroud, your Squngee would work just fine.

Makes a great gift for squirrel lovers, nature lovers and anyone that loves to laugh. Make someone smile today!