Colibri Hummingbird Feeder 12 oz.

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Fill this beautiful feeder with sweet nectar and watch the tiny birds flock to the feast!

Hummers will love the circular perches on this feeder!

  • Heavy-duty hummingbird feeder can support larger nectar feeders like orioles and grosbeaks
  • Thick glass feeding tube allows an easy view of nectar levels
  • Shiny copper gleams in the sun to help attract birds and weathers to a beautiful patina

Great for all nectar eaters, big and small. Heavy glass nectar tube is combined with brushed copper top and bottom and 4 bird-attracting painted copper feeding flowers. Clear glass feeding tube allows for an easy view of nectar levels and copper top weathers over time to a beautiful patina finish. 7" diameter wire perch accomodates heavier nectar lovers such as orioles and grosbeaks so they can feed. Feeder easily disassembles for cleaning and includes a 3" cable with 2" loop at the top for hanging. Holds 12 oz of sweet hummingbird nectar. 

Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 11"

Perky Pet Cleaning Mop

Optional Cleaning Mop (available at checkout)

The feeder may be cleaned with the Perky-Pet® Cleaning Mop. Maintaining clean hummingbird feeders and oriole bird feeders is quick and easy with these special mops. The Perky-Pet® Feeder Cleaning Mop is a no-scratch foam mop that cleans feeder bottles gently and effectively. Regular cleaning of bottles helps prevent build-up of harmful molds and water residues. Remember to clean your hanging bird feeder at least twice a week, more often in very warm climates or seasons.