Feeder Fresh Bird Feeder and Seed Protector 9 oz.

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Provide a safe and healthy feeder for backyard birds!

Keep your wild bird feeder healthy and mold-free with Feeder Fresh bird-safe mositure trap and seed preservative!

The easy way to a clean and healthy feeder.

Fights rain, condensation, leaks and keeps seed fresh. 

Feeder Fresh Seed and Feeder Protector

Feeder Fresh Seed and Feeder Protector

Feeder Fresh Seed and Feeder Protector

During Use


With Feeder Fresh: Dry and Healthy

Without Feeder Fresh: Harmful Mold

During Maintenance

With Feeder Fresh: No Cleaning!

Without Feeder Fresh: Get out the scrub brush! 


Feeder Fresh is made from sand, just very absorbant. The composition of Feeder Fresh is non-toxic. In fact, the essential elements of Feeder Fresh are already consumed by wild birds.


You probably know that some of the most toxic components on earth are created by molds. Even very small amounts of these mycotoxins can cause harmful effects to birds. Now there's a solution... avoid mold from the start by using Feeder Fresh!  

How do I use the Feeder Fresh?

Best performance is achieved by placing Feeder Fresh in the exact location in your feeder that has the worst moisture or spoiling problems. This is usually the bottom of the feeder, especially in low flow areas. If placing product on the very bottom of the feeder is not easy (such as in a tube feeder due to seed diverters), the product can be layered with seed or blended heavily with seed on the bottom of the feeder (see next section). Or as an alternative, the product can be placed evenly through the seed column.

General Usage Directions:

1. Start with a clean and disinfected feeder.

2. Pour a 1/4 to 1/2 inch layer of Feeder Fresh on the bottom of your feeder if possible. Amount you use depends on the extent of the moisture problem, and the size of the low flow areas of your feeder.

3. For best results, also sprinkle product on top of seed each time you fill the feeder.

4. Replace product if needed, when you clean and maintain your feeder. Amount of product used over time depends on the weather conditions and the amount of moisture entering the feeder. Continued moisture problems indicates that you are not using enough product, replacing it often enough, or placing it in the right location.

You can also use Feeder Fresh in your main seed storage container to reduce moisture-related seed aging and keep seed fresher longer.

9 oz. Bag

Made in the USA