Songbird Cedar Suet Plugs Variety 36 Plugs/Pack

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Attract a variety of birds to your backyard sanctuary with suet plugs!

These plugs are formulated to our specs and contain NO FILLERS. Just suet and a dash of corn meal to help bind everything together. Available in Fruit & Nut, Peanut or Hot Pepper (discourages squirrels). Made in the USA!  

Price is for 12 packages (4 packages of each of three flavors with 3 plugs in each package or 36 plugs total).  

Use them with our Cedar Suet Log feeders available Click Here

When ordering, each quantity of "1" will include twelve packages of three suet plugs (12 plugs of each flavor). 

Made in the USA 

Fruit Berry Suet Plugs

Attracts fruit eating birds that don't normally eat from feeders. No fillers! Just suet, peanuts, corn and berries.

Peanut Butter Suet Plugs

Refills for suet log feeders. No fillers! Just suet, peanuts and peanut butter.

Hot Pepper Suet Plugs

Hot pepper deters squirrels, raccoons and other mammals. No fillers! Just suet, peanuts, corn and pepper.