Conservation Large Screen Bird Feeder

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Use as a pole mount seed catcher or ground feeder!

All Conservation bird feeders are designed and made with the higest quality and features.These feeders are easy to clean, have proper drainage to keep seed dry and are easy to hang or mount. Many of our feeders are species specific, as with our bird houses.

The Large Screen feeder provides for nearly 3 sq. ft of feeding area. Two perforated metal screens are removable for easy cleaning. A wooden support separates the screens and makes for a secure mount on a metal pole or wooden post. Or run a pole up through the 1-1/2" middle hole and catch seed falling from a feeder mounted above.

Legs for screen feeder #CCP20800 (available at checkout). The four legs fit on the corners of any of the Conservation screen feeders or the cottage feeder to convert it to a ground feeder. Legs are 10"h x 2-1/2"w x 3/4"d

Screen Feeder Leg Set

Large Screen Feeder Dimensions:

2"h x 19-1/2"w x 19-1/2"d