Cast Aluminum Submergible Utility De-Icer 250 Watt

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Category : Bird Bath Heaters & De-icers
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Keeps water from freezing during the winter!

IceChaser Submersible birdbath, bucket, and utility deicer works in many different applications up to 25 gallons!

Multi-use, submergible utility stock tank de-icer ideal to make winter on the farm easier. Designed to keep water from freezing during the winter in a variety of applications. This sinking stock tank de-icer is made from sturdy cast aluminum. Versatile and easy to use, works in metal, plastic, or rubber tubs, pails, and buckets up to 25 gallons. Made in the USA!

* Designed for multiple uses around the home and farm
* Submergible stock tank de-icer 250 watts of power
* Constructed of Cast Aluminum for ultimate efficiency and safety
* Stock tank de-icer comes with 5-foot cord
* Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary
* Safe to use in plastic
* Good for use in containers up to 25 Gal.
* 1 year manufacturer warranty
* Made in the USA

Dimensions: 2" x 8" x 7.5"; Weight: 3 lbs.

Made in the USA