Aluminum Window Wonder One Tube Hummer Feeder 2/PK

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Enjoy amazing hummingbirds right at your window!

Set of 2 Aluminum Window Wonder One Tube Hummer Feeders!

See hummingbirds closer than ever with our Single Tube Window Wonder Hummingbird Feeder! Secure the aluminum tendril holder to your window with the sturdy suction cup, then slide in the glass tube filled with nectar.

Hummingbirds are attracted to the red cap and the tubular reservoir - Mimics the tube shaped flowers hummingbirds feed on in nature!

Constructed of solid heavy gauge rust resistant aluminum. Aluminum holder is 6 inches long and includes a perch, glass tube is 4-1/4 x 5/8 inches. Perfect for gift giving!

Proudly handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans!

Custom made to order - Being handmade, these hangers take longer to create than machine made, mass produced items. The handmade aspect of our hangers is what adds value, uniqueness, beauty and durability to every work of art.  

Made in the USA      


Our feeders are very easy to refill and clean. The tubes slide out of the aluminum tendrils, then you pull off the red cap, fill the tube to the top with nectar, re-cap the tube and slide it back in the tendril. It's that simple!


The health of hummingbirds depends on the feeder’s filler… YOU!!! Always keep your feeders clean. Our tube system makes it easy. Just a quick rinse in hot water before refilling the tubes is all that is needed, because the birds go through the nectar before it has a chance to go bad.  We offer a Cleaning Brush (HHBRSH)  to make it easy to handle, the tubes for cleaning, re-fill and storage in the refrigerator.


Our customers say their hummingbirds always go through the food in our feeders before they even start feeding on other feeders in the yard. The reasons are simple:

1. The nectar is always fresher.

2. Our red caps and red marbles attract them like crazy, so there’s no need for the red dyes that commercial nectar makers use, which is unhealthy for the birds.

3. The tube feeder system closely mimics the tube shaped flowers  that hummingbirds feed on in Nature.


Our feeders don’t drip. Because of the horizontal position of our tubes when they’re in use, there isn’t the downward pressure of the weight of the nectar that makes other feeders drip. The small hole in our red caps also creates surface tension that keeps our feeders from dripping.


1.  Get extra tubes and keep full ones in the fridge to have always ready to go when you need to replace empties outside.

2.  When hummingbirds have gone, tilt the tubes up on the feeders and use them as a lovely bud vase.

Hummingbird Feeder Parts & Accessories

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* Glass Replacement Tube with Red Cap (6 or 12/Pak) - Double wall thickness tube

* Sturdy Brush For Cleaning Tubes (#HHBRSH)