Attract colorful songbirds to your yard!

Switch-N-Swap 6-Piece Combo Pack 32 oz. / 48 oz. - This 6 piece combo pack contains 1 Dr. JB's 32 oz jar (SE6022), 1 Dr. JB's 48 oz jar (SE6023) 1 seed base (BE132), 1 jelly base (BE131), 1 water base (BE133), and 1 hummingbird base (SE6028). This is the perfect starter pack for bird lovers who enjoy the convenience of bringing Orioles, Cardinals, Hummingbirds, and many other songbirds to their backyard with a quick twist "Switch N Swap" of a base. Wide jar mouth makes it easy to fill and clean. Includes hanger hook. The Switch-N-Swap 6-Piece Combo Pack makes a great gift for all levels of birding enthusiasts!


* Includes Switchable Hummingbird, Seed, Jelly, and Water Feeder Bases along with 32 oz. and 48 oz. Jars
* Wide 'olive jar size' mouth for easy filling and cleaning
* Easy to clean base (dishwasher safe)
* Base serves as tray allowing for plenty of perching room while feeding
* Large capacity means attracting more birds and less filling
* Can use our 32 oz., 48 oz. and 80 oz. Switchable jars with all feeder bases

Capacity: 32 - 48 oz.

Dimensions: 7.5" x 7.5" x 8.5"