Forever 3 Quart Sunflower Feeder Red

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Attract Colorful Songbirds To Your Yard!

Built to Last Forever!

Our Forever 3 Quart Sunflower Feeder features stainless steel screen, molded durable acrylic top and bottom, center seed diverter, drainage holes in base, 6 perching stations, easy to fill, lifetime guarantee. Dispenses sunflower, peanuts or a blend of seed. Available in Smokey, Green, Clear and red colors.

Features include:

  • Molded durable acrylic cover and seed tray
  • Six perching stations 
  • Colors Available: Green, Smokey, Clear and Red    
  • Lifetime guaranteed stainless steel screen
  • Holds 3 qt. of sunflower, peanut seed or blends
  • 12" W x 19"H w/hanging cable
  • Individually boxed for easy packaging and gift-giving
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Made in the USA
Birds this feeder attracts: Cardinals, Chickadees, Goldfinches, House Finches, Nuthatches, Purple Finches, Sparrows, Titmice

Dimensions: 12"W x 19"H w/Hanging Cable