Galileo Glass Indoor Thermometer 13"

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A great gift and lasting conversation piece!

The AcuRite 13" glass Galileo thermometer combines style and functionality as a beautiful accent piece for any home or office. Not only does it measure indoor temperature, it is a work of beauty and art. Makes a great gift item and lasting conversation piece!
Galileo Galilei, the pioneer of modern astronomy and physics, (1564-1642), discovered that liquids change density as the temperature increases or decreases. Based on this principle, the colored glass spheres inside the glass Galileo thermometer have been precisely weighted so that they respond to temperature changes. When the temperature rises, the liquid inside the Galileo thermometer becomes less dense and the colored spheres floating inside will sink towards the bottom. When the temperature of the room cools, the process is reversed and the spheres will rise from the bottom.
* Thick, sturdy mouth-blown glass construction
* Colorful glass bulbs descend and ascend with temperature changes
* Lowest floating bulb indicates temperature
* 13" height x 1.75" diameter with 3" base
* Liquid magnifies temperature readings
* Degrees Fahrenheit
* Measures temperatures from 64º F to 80º F

 13" Height x 1.75" Diameter with 3" base; Weight: 1.40 lbs.