Humm-Yumm Hummingbird Protein + Nectar Feeder

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The Original 2-in-1 Hummingbird Protein + Nectar Feeder!

The First of Its Kind!

The FUN new way to feed hummingbirds!

Super healthy and all natural, the Humm-Yumm offers a high protein and a sweet snack that keeps them coming back!

Provide a balanced meal for your feathered friends with this 2-in-1 hummingbird feeder. It features a compartment to fill with sweet nectar and a second compartment for fresh fruit to help attract fruit flies, which is a source of protein for hummingbirds. Using only bananas & nectar, the Humm-Yumm is completely safe and all natural! In just a few days, you will have an unlimited supply of protein-packed fruit flies along with sweet nectar for your hummingbirds to enjoy!

Simple rinse and refill fruit every 3 weeks and add fresh nectar every few days. Best when hung in a shady, dry spot, near nectar flowers. The innovative Humm-Yumm Hummingbird Protein + Nectar Feeder creates a new dimension for attracting and feeding beloved hummingbirds!

Made from solid red plastic to deter bees and wasps, while adult hummingbirds can rest on the wraparound perch to save much-needed energy. Includes 12 inch cable hanging loop and drainage. Made in the USA!


* Spacious fruit and nectar feeder with dual compartments and 4 feeding ports
* Attract multiple hummingbirds by offering them protein and sweet nectar
* Container incubates fruit & harbors fruit flies for protein
* Easy to clean; refill fruit every 2-3 weeks and keep nectar fresh by replacing every days
* Holds about 12 ounces of sweet hummingbird nectar
* Includes feeder and hanger 
* Made in the USA

 8.5"W x 8.5"W x 4"H (Hanger 7.5"); Weight: 1.63 lbs. 

Made in the USA