The perfect bird feeding combo!

Environmentally Safe 2.5 qt. Hopper Feeder...a perfect addition to any backyard feeding station!

Includes our indestructible large 20" diameter Hanging Bird Feeder Baffle - Protects feeder and seed from squirrels and weather!

Birds will love dining in your yard for years to come with the Rubicon Large Hopper Bird Feeder. This compact feeder features an environmentally friendly design that will not fade, peel, rot, crack, chip, or warp as it is made from recycled plastic milk jugs. The base features raised vertical ridges which offer more perching room for birds and prevents seed from clumping in the seed reservoir. The green roof lifts up easily for cleaning and refilling, and the included wire hanger allows you to hang this feeder in a nearby tree. The two and a half quart or 3-3/4 lb. capacity offers plenty of seed for your feathered friends. Place this Large Hopper Bird Feeder in your yard for birding enjoyment year after year. Unconditional one hundred year guarantee.

Made from recycled plastic milk jugs - 45 jugs!

Dimensions: 10"L x 9"W x 10.5"H; Weight: 6 lbs.

Eco-friendly Bird Feeder

20" Diameter Bird Feeder Baffle!

Helps keep bird seed dry and fresh!

Prevents squirrels from reaching the feeder!

This 20" Diameter Hanging Bird Feeder Baffle is indestructible! Unbreakable dome resists squirrel damage. Protects feeder and seed from squirrels and weather. Easy to assemble. All hardware included: 1-3/4" thread loop, 1-1/8" X #8 open eyebolt, #8 locknut, clear polymer dome. Polycarbonate plastic construction. Lifetime warranty. Bird feeder sold separately. 

Assembly Instructions: 1. Tighten the #8 locknut at the end of the threads on the #8 eyebolt. 2. Hold the loop at the top of the dome and screw the #8 eyebolt through the dome into the loop. 3. To hook the feeder to the dome, hold feeder at an angle to slip eyebolt of feeder over eyebolt of dome.

4" x 20" x 20"; Weight: 2.5 lbs.