Rustic Farmhouse Finch Feeder

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Category : Finch Socks - Nyjer Sock Feeders
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Attract colorful finches to your yard!

Our Rustic Farmhouse brand is on trend and incorporates popular rustic materials with functional design. The Finch Feeder features a rustic stain with a corrugated galvanized roof and decorative metal star. The clear plastic seed holder lets you view seed levels easily. Finches can perch on both sides to feed. Ready to fill and feed with attached jute rope hanger. Holds approximately 1 lb of seed.

Birds attracted to this feeder include Finches, Goldfinches and other small songbirds

Seed or Feed Options: Nyjer (Thistle Seed), Finch Mixes

Seed Capacity: 1 lb.

Dimensions: 6"L x 7.25"W x 11"H