Rustic Farmhouse Bluebird House

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Attract nesting bluebirds to your yard!

Our Rustic Farmhouse brand is on trend and incorporates popular rustic materials with functional design. A dark rustic finish and galvanized roof, with a decorative hammered star on front makes this bluebird house functional and decorative. The entrance hole of 1.5 inch is designed to attract eastern bluebirds and other small songbirds. Sturdy wood with screwed together construction, air gap vent and easy open front to make cleaning easy. Solid wood roof under fluted galvanized overlay provides insulation. Mount about 5-ft high facing an open area, side door opens for seasonal cleaning. North American Bluebird Society Approved.

Mounting: Post or Pole Mount (Vertical or Top Mount using appropriate flange)

Dimensions: 6"L x 6.5"W x 12.5"H; 1.5" Entrance Hole