Golden Safflower Feast Seed Bell 14 oz. 24/Pack

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Attract safflower loving songbirds to your yard!

Quality high-energy bird seed bells chuck full of all-natural ingredients wild birds really love!

These bells contain 100% golden safflower. This bell is excellent for squirrel prone areas, as squirrels generally don’t like safflower. The seed is preferred by cardinals, grosbeaks and more, where grackles, sparrows and starlings generally don’t like safflower. The golden safflower is a softer seed than traditional safflower, so attracts a greater variety of birds. 

A delectable treat for wild birds and best of all: It never melts and no mess! Birds absolutely love this seed bell. Great for year-round bird feeding. Comes ready to hang! Each bell is shrink wrapped to preserve freshness and long shelf-life. Made in the USA!


* 14 oz. bird seed bell, set of 24
* Have fun attracting more birds to your backyard
* Features high-energy ingredients without any filler
* Contains 100% premium safflower seed
* Includes built-in tab for hanging, or use optional Mr. Bird Seed Bell Hanger (See below)
* Made in the USA

14 oz Bell, 24 Bells/Pack

5" x 4" x 5"

Note: Ships dimensionally oversized. Additional freight may be required depending on order size and destination zone.

Made in the USA

Optional Seed Bell Hanger!
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Mr. Bird Seed Bell Holder

Seed Bell Hanger to fit all Mr. Bird seed bells. You can link them together to create a variety of bell treats for the birds. Made in the USA!