Double Bug Dots Feeder w/Blue Window Hanger

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Bug DOTS 12-Pack Refill (Optional):

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Attract insect loving songbirds to your window! 

This kit includes our Recycled Poly Double Bug DOTS Feeder with 2 Extra DOTS and Blue Window Hanger!
Made from durable weather resistant recycled poly that will last a lifetime!
Will never rot, crack, fade or peel!
All components proudly made in the USA!

Blue Window Hanger:
These hand crafted window hangers provide a strong anchor to hang your feeders from. The hand crafted design made from durable recycled poly lumber is will never fade, never split, and never crack. The hanger uses a triple contact point design to support the weight of the hook while also securing it to the window. The copper hook that comes with it is not only a secure method of hanging your feeders, it looks great too! 
Double Hanging Bug DOTS Feeder: This meal worm feeder is made of poly lumber and stainless steel screws. A great feeder for chickadees, nuthatches, bluebirds and other insect eaters. Included are 4 Bug DOTS filled with dried meal worms. The DOTS can be used for meal worms, bird seed, suet, nuggets or peanut butter blends. Includes a stainless steel hanger. The poly lumber will never fade, split or crack.

Optional 12-pack Refill Bug Dots (Available at checkout)

The Recycled Poly Double Bug Dots Feeder with Blue Window Hanger Kit makes a great gift for the birding enthusiast!

Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 12"

Made in the USA

Eco-Friendly Wren House