Songbird Convertible Roosting House

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Provide birds protection from predators, rain, snow and harsh winter winds!

Offer birds a comfy home all year long with our Convertible Roosting and Summer Nest Box! 

During harsh winter weather birds are increasingly in need of a place to roost when temperatures get low. Our Convertible Roosting House is constructed out of Inland Red Cedar has a 1 1/2" entrance hole and easy-to-clean, swing-out face. Multiple species will use the Convertible Roosting House for refuge from extreme, cold weather. Proudly made in the USA! 

If you have a nesting box, you’ve probably put it away for the next few months. If you have a "roosting" box, you might be taking it out of storage. With the Convertible Roosting House you can provide a warm place for birds in the winter and a safe place for nesting in the spring all in one item. This cedar box is designed for year-round use with features your backyard birds will love. During nesting season, the front panel can be flipped so the entrance hole is on the higher end. When it’s cold, birds like when the entrance hole is lower, so the front panel can be flipped back. Attracts the most common backyard birds, including chickadees, wrens, nuthatches, bluebirds, and titmice.


* Made with 7/8" Inland Red Cedar
* All screwed construction using weather-resistant plated deck screws and fully routed edges
* Front-opening door, overhang roof, and air vents
* 1-1/2" entrance hole sized for bluebirds and other small songbirds
* Made in the USA

Dimensions: 10"L x 7"W x 13-1/2"H; 1-1/2" opening 

Build a Roosting Nest Box Trail!  Save $$ when you purchase multiple nest boxes. Discount given at checkout.

Note: Additional freight charges may apply when purchasing in multiple quantities. Rates vary depending on pack size and destination zone.

Made in the USA!