The Evictor Solar-Powered Predator Deterrent

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Around the clock protection from predators!

Solar-Powered - no need to replace batteries!

Are you frustrated by all the predators that scare birds away from your yard and bird feeders? Our newest technology – the Evictor – offers the perfect protection from deer, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, wolves, hawks, owls and any other invaders that interfere with your birding experience. In addition, the Evictor can also be used to protect general property, such as your garden, field, livestock or farm. 
The Evictor offers around the clock protection from predators. At night, it flashes a red light, which can be programmed for 1, 2 or 3 lights flashing simultaneously or 4 lights flashing consecutively. During the day, the holographic tape gives off a mirror reflection from sunlight, which, when paired with motion and sound, scares daytime predators. Components include the Evictor system, a 3-piece step in fiberglass post for multiple height options, and mylar holographic tape. With 360-degree coverage, the Evictor is the ultimate weapon against predators 24/7.
Most predators avoid being discovered or watched. A flashing light is interpreted as an eye, which instills fear and causes predators to flee the perceived danger.

* Solar powered – No need to replace batteries. 
* Powered by the sun during the day, the battery automatically charges during daytime hours and continues to work overnight.
* Programmable for various light flashing patterns
* 360-degree span

* The Evictor system
* 3-piece step in post for adjustable height
* 3 arm tape hanger
* 3 tape clips
* 2” x 100 foot roll of mylar holographic tape
* Easy to install
* Maintenance-free
* No need to replace batteries
* Weatherproof
* Safe to handle
* 12-month limited warranty 

Made from green and white fiberglass, the sectional post stands 47 inches above the ground, not including the step-in foot stake. The solar panel box measures 3 x 3 x 2-1/2 inches. 

 22" x 6" x 6"; Weight 1.5 lb.