Nectar Dots Large Red/Yellow Set of 3

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Attracts hummingbirds like a magnet!

Set of 3 Large Nectar Dots Red w/Yellow Flower!

The largest handheld hummingbird feeder on the market!

2-1/2 times larger than standard size Nectar Dots handheld hummingbird feeders!

Large 1.25 ounce DOTS with yellow flower on a red lid. Use as a handheld hummingbird feeder or in all Hanging DOT Feeders and Window DOT Feeders. Use as a replacement DOT or have a few extra DOTS in the refrigerator filled with fresh nectar for hungry hummers! Made in the USA!

Large Nectar Dot Replacements are available in Red w/Yellow Flower, Yellow w/Red Flower, and All Red (Red w/Red Flower)

* Easy to Clean
* BPA Free!
* FDA Compliant Food Safe Polypropylene
* Holds 1.25 ounces of sweet nectar
* 2-1/2 times larger than standard size Nectar Dot handheld feeders
* Attract hummingbirds with this DOT by itself as a handheld feeder or in a hanging or window mount Nectar Dot feeder
* Fits All Hanging DOTS & Window DOTS
* Features the opportunity to feed hummingbirds anywhere
* Made in the USA!!

Made in the USA 

Eco-freindly Bird Feeder