Conservation Blowfly Inhibitor Screen 4/Pack

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Bluebirds will appreciate this little creature comfort inside their nest box!

Our Blowfly Inhibitor Screen keeps nests dry and safe!

Helps ensure more viable eggs hatch!

Prevent blowfly larvae from harming nestlings in your bird homes using the Conservation Blowfly Inhibitor Screen for Bird Houses. Blowflies often lay their eggs in nests inside bird homes, and the larvae feed on the nestlings to gain strength. This mesh screen forms a platform in the bottom of your nest box, elevating the nest off the floor. This aids in keeping the nest dry, as blowflies tend to prefer damp areas. The 0.25" mesh also is small enough so that adult blowflies cannot reach the nest through the bottom of the home, and it allows the larvae to fall through the grid so you may easily remove them from the nest. The sturdy metal construction will easily withstand the weight of a cavity-nesting bird family, and its size is perfect for use in many bluebird, woodpecker, or swallow houses. Keep blowflies away from nestlings using this Blowfly Inhibitor Screen for Bird Houses. Made in the USA!

Set of 4 Blowfly Inhibitor Screens. Bird House sold separately

Dimensions: 4"L x 3.75"W x 0.75"H 
Mounting: place in bottom of nest box 
Construction: metal

Save $$ when you purchase two or more Conservation Blowfly Inhibitor Sceen Sets! Discount given at checkout

Made in the USA