No/No Polar Bear Wire Mesh Bird Feeder

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Your backyard birds will love clinging to the Polar Bear!

Spring, summer, fall or winter... the Penguin bird feeder will be a hit in your backyard bird sanctuary!

Add a little whimsy to your yard, garden or patio with the NO/NO® Polar Bear Mesh Bird Feeder. Featuring an all-metal construction, this feeder is built to last. In addition, the festive, yet durable, polar bear-shaped feeder is powder coated to protect it from the elements and prevent rust.

The feeder’s diamond mesh design allows for 360-degree access so multiple birds can cling to perch and dine simultaneously. The convenient mesh style also prevents water from collecting in the feeder to keep seed dry and fresh.

To ensure your birds always have a healthy supply of food available, the Polar Bear Feeder has a spacious 3 lb capacity. To fill, simply remove the Polar Bear’s hat and fill with up to 3 lb of black oil sunflower seed. Thanks to a built-in hanging hook, this wild bird feeder is easy to install – you’ll be feeding your hungry resident birds in no time.


• Powder-coated, all metal mesh construction
• Large, open feeding area
• Attracts clinging birds
• Dispenses black oil sunflower seed
• Great gift idea

Dimensions: 6"L x 6"W x 14.7"H