Audubon Songbird Ornament Collection Set of 30

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Colorful "Life-Like" Ornaments For Backyard Bird Lovers!

Set of 30 Popular Songbird Ornaments!

These beautiful life-like bird ornaments are made from a rugged composite material and will last years. Each piece is carefully cast from the original carving by Randy & Elaine Fisher, and is painted under the artists’ supervision. The Fisher's, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, are award-winning carvers and have devoted the past twenty-seven years to carving realistic birds.

Fisher Wildlife Bird Ornaments make great additions to holiday wreaths, garlands, Christmas trees and other home décor.

Dimensions of each ornament typically varies between 3-1/2" to 5-1/2" from head to tail. Collect them all!

Holiday wreath w/bow (shown above) not included

Bird Ornament Collection Set of 30

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#101 Chickadee

#104 Tufted Titmouse

#103 Bluebird

#100 Cardinal

#108 Lady Cardinal

#105 Oriole

#106 Blue Jay

#102 Gold Finch

#116 Nuthatch

#130 Wren

#127 Downy Woodpecker

#161 Screech Owl

#112 Baby Chickadee

#109 Hummingbird

#113 Loon

#121 Baby Bluebird

#128 Pelican

#136 Chickadee w/Holly

#145 Hummingbird Nest

#147 Sandpiper

#151 Robin

#129 Kingfisher

#159 Eagle

#158 Cardinal Pair

#163 Ruby Crowned Kinglet

#164 Golden Crowned Kinglet

#165 Mallard Duck Decoy Ornament

#168 Woodduck Decoy

#178 Bluebird House Ornament

#179 Purple Martin Ornament

Note: All bird ornaments in this collection are usually in stock; however, each ornament is subject to availability. If one or more of the ornaments are temporarily out of stock at time of ordering, we reserve the right to either substitute another popular Audubon Songbird Ornament design, ship the out of stock items separately at a later date when available, or issue credit for the out of stock items on a prorated basis. 

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