Wren In The Wind Bird House

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Love Nature, Love Style, and Love Birds!

"I realized that if I had to choose, I'd rather have birds than airplanes," great American aviator Charles Lindberg said. Fortunately, we can all enjoy both, and with the eyehook for easy hanging, the graceful Wren in the Wind will double as a spectacular air show--takeoffs and landings all day long! Made with solid cypress, featuring copper trim, drainage, ventilation and rear panel cleanout. Proudly made in the USA!

Featured in a variety of exciting colors: Redwood (shown above), White Wash, Blue Eggshell, Neon Red, Yellow, and Teal. 

100% Made in the USA  

Dimensions: 9"L x 6"W x 11"H, 1.125" Hole

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HW082C - Redwood

HW082D - White Wash

HW082H - Blue Eggshell

Wren In The Wind Bird House Green Apple

HW082I - Green Apple

Wren In The Wind Bird House Neon Red 

HW082J - Neon Red

Wren In The Wind Bird House Yellow

HW082K - Yellow

Wren In The Wind Bird House Teal 

HW082L - Teal