Embossed Songbird Trio Bird Bath w/Stake

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Beautiful Songbird Trio Glass Birdbath!

13" Diameter Birdbath with 26.5"H Stake!

Use as a garden birdbath or bird feeder! 

Songbird Trio Glass Bird Bath w/Stake - This Songbird Trio perched on a tree branch is painted beautifully, capturing the natural hues of their feathers. The Songbird Trio is made up of three of our favorite backyard birds: Eastern Bluebird, American Goldfinch, and Northern Cardinal. Their colorful splendor is captured on this gorgeous glass birdbath. Like a piece of art in your garden, the Songbird Trio Glass birdbath is striking.

Constructed of high quality glass. Embossed, hand painted detailed designs with vibrant colors. Textured bottom and correct depth makes this birdbath songbird friendly. Can be used as a bird bath outdoors in your garden or as a decorative home décor piece indoors.  

This birdbath set comes with a 3-prong step-in birdbath stake. Easy to install. Rust resistant. Constructed of wrought iron and powder-coated in a durable black finish. Add beauty to your garden with this colorful Songbird Trio Glass Bird Bath with Stake!

Dimensions: 13"W x 13"L x 26.5"H; Weight: 2.75 lbs.  

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