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The ultimate software for birding enthusiasts of all ages!

Guide to Birds of North America Version 7 USB Flash Drive Mac Edition. Also available in Windows Edition. FREE SHIPPING!

Guide to Birds of North America Version 7 USB Flash Drive Windows

Thayer's Birds of North America version 7 is an amazing birding resource. This is a multi-media field guide for your computer...that sings!

The Identification Wizard allows you to easily identify unknown birds. Just enter whatever you know (color, size, habitat, location) and instantly get a photo gallery of possible matches.

Photos, songs, videos, and 700 quizzes in this software make learning about birds fun! Improve your own birding skills - or introduce a child to the joys of birding and nature.

Version 7 is the best software we have ever made. See all 985 species of birds found in the continental U.S. and Canada.

Version 7 contains over 3,000 NEW PHOTOS, for a total of more than 6,500 images

Version 7 Photo Gallery and comparison views feature larger images

Version 7 also has completely new bird song files with higher-quality sound. There are now 1,499 sound files, so most birds now have multiple songs/calls included.

Version 7's layout has been updated to give it a more modern feel. The Field Guide pages now have two feature photos at the top - ideal for today's wider computer monitors.

Version 7's Quiz feature includes additional options such as viewing just female photos and viewing just range maps.

Version 7 uses 2014 taxonomy from the American Ornithologists' Union. Range maps and state checklists have been updated.

Version 7 lets you import your own photos and make your own quizzes on anything - butterflies, wildflowers - even people!

Version 7 includes The Birder's Handbook in electronic format (a 750+ page book)

System Requirements & Technical Support - This software runs on Mac applications Technical support requires Internet access.

Guide to Birds of North America Version 7 USB Flash Drive Mac Edition makes a wonderful gift for the birding enthusiast!

Binding: USB Flash Drive, Mac
Pages: 985 species, 6,504 photos, 1499 songs, hundreds of quizzes
Published: September 2014
Photographers: Rob Curtis, Kevin Karlson, Brian Small, Ron Austing, Mike Danzenbaker, Tom Vezo, et. al.

Made in the USA