Stained Glass Bird Feeder Goldfinch

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Category : Decorative Bird Feeders
Category : Sunflower and Mixed Seed Bird Feeders
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Beautiful Stained Glass Bird Feeders For Nature Lovers!

Goldfinch Stained Glass Bird Feeder - Beautiful, eye-catching handcrafted 3-dimensional stained glass tray bird feeders, completely safe for outdoor or indoor use. Rich stained glass colors cannot fade, even in the brightest sunlight. Durable UV resistant outdoor finishes that cannot rust, turn green, or tarnish. Double-sided design. Drainage holes in seed pan. Hand-crafted, beautifully decorative stained glass with copper accent, lead soldering and electroplate. Feed songbirds or use inside as a candy dish or for potpourri. Give your home and backyard the gift of style with a gorgeous stained glass bird feeder. These feeders are built with high quality materials that will leave them looking great for years. Weather proof, even in harsh weather. Colors will not fade, peel, or scratch off. Our Stained Glass Tray Bird Feeders attract many songbirds like Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmice and more. These make wonderful gifts for any occasion!

Seed Capacity: .75 lbs.

Seed or Feed Options: Black Oil Sunflower, Sunflower Hearts, Safflower, Mixed Seed, Shelled Peanuts, Cracked Corn, Suet Pellets, Mealworms

Dimensions: 8"L x 8"W x 21"