Chillaerator Wine Chiller & Aerator Frost

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Extra Chill Rod (Optional):

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Chillaerator - Freezable wine bottle chiller and aerator rod.

Every bottle of wine at the perfect temperature!

The Chillaerator is the most advanced method of pouring the perfect glass of wine, right when you want it, without decanting time, without an ice bucket or making a mess. It will keep a bottle of white wine at perfect chilled temperature for up to an hour or cool down a bottle of red wine. Available in 6 Colors: Mint, Bubble Gum, Sky Blue, Cherry, Grape, and Frost. Makes a great gift for the wine lover!


Chillaerator Wine Chiller and Aerator

Dimensions: 1.75" x 1.75" x 13.5"

Temperature is important...

Different types of wine require different serving temperatures to be just right. Serving temperature directly affects a wine's flavor and aroma whether it's red or white wine and both types typically need a little to a lot of chilling to be perfect.

For White Wine: White wine is served cold but often it is served too cold. The perfect temperature for white wine is between 43°F and 52°F. The Chillearator™ doesn't over chill white wine as it keeps it cold within the bottle itself.

But, why chill Red Wine: The "room temperature" which many regard as ideal serving temperature for red wines is normally too warm. Imagine if you wanted to enjoy your wine outside on a hot and sunny day. The perfect temperature for red wine is between 54°F and 68°F The Chillaerator™ quickly cools red wine by 10°F to 15°F when inserted into the bottle.

...So is aeration.

By letting wine breathe you are basically introducing it to air after being bottled for so long. This helps release its aromas and will even improve its flavor. With the Chillaerator™, aerating is instant versus decanting for 1 to 2 hours minimum before you get to enjoy your wine.

And even white wines could use a little bit of fresh air. It will instantly make its flavors better integrated and will taste smoother right out of the bottle.

Optional Spare Chillaerator Rod (Available at checkout) 

Freezable stainless steel chill stick. Spare backup rod for Chillaerator.

Chillaerator Rod 

Chillaerator Wine Chiller and Aerator