Adjustable Height Wrought Iron Shepherd Staff

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Shepherd Staff Model:

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Heavy Duty Wrought Iron Shepherd Staffs For Your Garden Landscape!

Adjustable Economy Shepherd Staff

Easy installation, Adjusts to a maximum height of 94"

Perfect for hanging bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, birdbaths, windchimes, windsocks, spinners, plant baskets and much more!

Choose from 1 arm, 2 arm or 4 arm models (select at checkout). Each Shepherd Staff adjusts from 57"-63" to a maximum height of 89"-94".

All models are equipped with a tightening knob and a stainless steel set screw with hex key to provide a locking option. The adjustable series staffs also feature our exclusive "U" shaped "Stability Step" and step 10" into the ground for easy installation.

* 10" Step in leg for proper anchoring 
* Additional cross brace "step in" prong sinks 8" into ground for excellent stability
* 12" Arm reach
* Thumb screw with 5/16-18 thread pattern for easy re-positioning
* 5/8" square lower tube has an .060 wall for maximum strength
* 7/16" square travelling shaft
* Over 32" of positioning range.
* Sculpted hook arms give this product a "finished" appearance
* Specially configured arm connecting point prevents entrapment of birds
* Crafted with pride in the USA. This is not an ordinary mass market product.

All models equipped with tightening knob and stainless steel set screw with hex key.  Comes with "U" Shaped "Stability Step" for easy installation.

Each Shepherd Staff comes individually boxed. The box measures 2" x 4" x 48-1/2" for easy shipping. Adequate packaging insures that each piece will arrive in perfect condition. Heavy duty 7/16" square wrought iron construction and fully powdercoated. Proudly made in the USA!

Individually packaged for easy shipping!    

Dimensions: 7/16" Wrought Iron, 57" to 94" Adjustable Height (depending on model); Arms 12" Reach

Made in the USA 

Note: Dimensionally oversized. Additional shipping may be required depending on quantity ordered and destination zone.