Heartwood Jubilee Chapel Bird House

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God is in the details!

• Beautiful shake shingled roof really stands out

• Constructed out of durable weather resistant cypress 

• 1-1/2" diameter entrance hole

• Imaginative heavenly architecture with rustic finish

A famous architect once said, “God is in the details.” And as you can see, the architectural details in this pastoral gem are nothing short of heavenly. Filigreed cast iron medallion makes for an elegant counterpoint to the A-line roof and copper steeple, while the weathered painted door offers an abiding beauty. Expect much rejoicing.

Specifications in mind for Eastern Bluebirds, but may also attract other small songbird species. Easy access and clean out. Pole or post mount. 100% Made in the USA! 

Dimensions: 8" x 9" x 24"; 1-1/2" diameter opening

Made in the USA

North American Bluebird Society Approved