Hi-Lo Adjustable Hanger

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The perfect hanging basket or bird feeder accessory!

Lower and raise hanging plants and bird feeders with ease!

The Hi-Lo Adjustable Hanger is a must have to make hanging basket gardening or bird feeding easier for everyone. Hang this unit on your bracket or shepherd's hook, and connect your hanging basket to the swivel hook. Keep the retractable tape in the uppermost position for display purposes, and gently lower the tape when it is time to water or weed your baskets. The Hi-Lo adjustable ratchet mechanism allows you to easily move the hanging basket up and down while it is still attached to the hanging basket bracket or hook for easy watering or care. An internal locking mechanism keeps the tape from retracting too quickly or lowering when unnecessary. Always ensure that you raise the item first, then lower it to the desired position. Slightly raise it and listen to the tape click, engaging the locking mechanism before releasing your hands. This remarkable hanger can support hanging baskets of up to 25 lbs. The Hi-Lo Adjustable Hanger is also ideal for bird feeders. Makes the task of filling and cleaning hanging bird feeders easier.

Dimensions: 5.5"L x 2.375"W x 0.875"D; 31.5"L tape

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Hi-Lo Adjustable Hanger - Great for hanging baskets or bird feeders!


From the top of the black plastic piece to the bottom of the black plastic piece it is 5.33 inches long. From side to side it is approximately 2.5 inches wide. It is approximately .88 inches thick. With the addition of the S hook on the bottom and the swivel hook on the top, this is 7.75 inches total height. When you pull on the bottom S hook, it extends down an additional 27 inches so that you can water your flowers in your hanging basket / fill your bird feeders with seed.


For trouble-free operation of your Hi-Lo:

1) Assemble swivel hook and slip onto hanging basket bracket. Attach Hi-Lo to swivel hook.

2) Pull down Hi-Lo hook. Do not let go. Attach hanging basket (or bird feeder).

3) Place hands under basket and raise to uppermost position. Lower slightly in a gentle manner to engage locking device before removing hands.

4) To lower basket for tending plants and watering, place hands under basket and ease upwards slightly to release locking device. Then lower fairly quickly to the required height, slowing down to engage the locking device before removing hands.


1) Do not withdraw tape in horizontal position. Only use Hi-Lo in accordance with the instructions.

2) Do not exceed maximum loading 25 lbs.

3) Do not subject Hi-Lo to shock loading I.E. by allowing basket to drop without support.

4) In windy conditions, leave Hi-Lo in its uppermost position apart from when watering and tending plants.