C&S Hot Pepper Delight Suet Dough 11.75 oz 12/Pack

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Attracts wider variety of birds! 

Discourages Squirrels!

A blend of rendered beef suet and assorted grain products with ground hot chili peppers mixed in. The birds don´ttaste the hot peppers, and are not affected in any way, butthe squirrels definitely don´t like the additional condiment! No-melt formula for year-round usage even during warm weather.

Rendered beef suet, red chili pepper, roasted peanuts, oats and corn. Delights are mixed into a soft dough texture which is pressed into cake form. C&S's process creates the only true NO MELT suet product line. For YEAR ROUND Wild Bird Feeding.

11.75 oz Cake  12 Cakes/Pack

Made in the USA!