Songbird Butterfly Nectar 5 oz Tri Pack

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Category : Butterfly Feeders & Food


Formulated by a butterfly breeder!

Attract colorful butterflies to your garden with nectar!

Songbird Butterfly Nectar attracts and feeds numerous species of butterflies. You can have butterflies even when natural sources of nectar are in short supply. Butterflies use their tongues to sip nectar. Dissolves instantly in water. #1 choice of butterfly experts. Formulated by a butterfly breeder. Sugar, sodium, salts and trace minerals attract butterflies. Each package makes 104 ounces (3.25 quarts) of nectar. Made in the USA!

Three 5 oz. packages per Tri-Pack

Dimensions: 6.25" x 1.50" x 2.75"


Save $$ when you purchase two or more Tri-Packs of Songbird Butterfly Nectar! Discount given at checkout.