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You are at : Store Categories > Wild Bird Care > Bird Houses

  • Bluebird Houses for attracting nesting bluebirds! Quality bluebird nest boxes for Eastern Bluebirds, Western Bluebirds and Mountain Bluebirds. Cedar, cypress, mahogany or recycled plastic construction. North American Bluebird Society Approved!
    Bluebird Houses (119)

  • Wren Houses, Chickadee Houses - Looking for a wren or chickadee house? We offer quality nest boxes for small songbirds such as wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and others. Decorative and functional nesting boxes for wrens and chickadees.
    Wren/Chickadee Houses (199)

  • Decorative and Distinctive Birdhouses for your feathered backyard friends! Bird Houses architecturally designed for beauty, form and function.
    Decorative Bird Houses (341)

  • Heartwood Bird House Collection - Architecturally designed birdhouses for beauty and function. All the style and craftsmanship you and your feathered friends could ask for, down to the last gorgeous detail. Made in the USA!
    Heartwood Bird House Collection (149)

  • Home Bazaar Birdhouse Collection - Avian housing reaches new heights with our distinctive line of architectural birdhouses. Victorian designs enhanced by authentic scrollwork and turn-of-the-century, cottage inspired embellishments.
    Home Bazaar Birdhouse Collection (144)

  • Edible Seeded Birdhouses - Handcrafted edible bird houses covered with seed ingredients that birds love. Use our edible bird houses as a decoration then return to nature as functional birdhouse. Edible bird houses make wonderful gifts!
    Edible Bird Houses (76)

  • Whimsical and Novelty Bird Houses - Looking for a unique birdhouse? We have a large selection of unique and unusual birdhouses, whimsical birdhouses, novelty and character birdhouses. These make great gifts for the bird lover!
    Whimsical and Novelty Bird Houses (379)

  • Egg Bird Home Collection Our egg style bird houses are handcrafted out of eco-friendly bamboo, porcelain, ceramic, mango wood and other materials. The classic oval shape of these birdhouses add interest to any backyard bird sanctuary.
    Egg Bird Home Collection (37)

  • Recycled Plastic Bird Houses - Our recycled plastic bird houses are eco-friendly! Made from 100% recycled plastic lumber. Recycled Plastic Birdhouses are sturdy, weather resistant and made to last a lifetime. Handcrafted in the USA!
    Recycled Plastic Bird Houses (16)

  • Window Bird Houses - Watch birds nesting from inside your home! Our suction-cup mounted Window Bird Houses bring nature right to your window.
    Window Nest Boxes (9)

  • Songbird Fancy Home Products - Distinctive handcrafted birdhouses and bird feeders made to withstand the elements. Constructed out of vinyl (PVC) and copper. Guaranteed to last a life time with little to no maintenace. Made in the USA!
    Songbird Fancy Home Products (63)

  • Conservation Species Specific Nest Boxes - Quality nest boxes constructed out of eastern white pine. Built with specifications in mind for nesting birds such as bluebirds, wrens, chickadees, woodpeckers, owls, wood ducks and more. Made in USA!
    Conservation Species Specific Nest Boxes (56)

  • Finch Houses, Tree Swallow Houses - Looking for a Finch, Tree Swallow or Barn Swallow house? We have bird houses made specifically for nesting finches or barn swallows.
    Finch/Swallow Houses (16)

  • Flycatcher Houses for nesting Flycatchers! Our Flycatcher nesting boxes are quality crafted with specifications just right for Flycatchers.
    Flycatcher Houses (1)

  • Kestrel Houses for nesting American Kestrels! Our Kestrel nesting boxes are made of quality construction with specifications for Kestrels.
    Kestrel Houses (3)

  • Owl Houses for nesting owls! We have owl nesting boxes made with specifications for Eastern/Western Screech Owls, Saw-whet Owls Barn Owls and Barred Owls. Our owl nesting boxes are constructed of quality cedar, cypress or eastern white pine.
    Owl Houses (14)

  • Wood Duck Houses with specifications for nesting wood ducks, merganser and other wild duck species. Our wood duck nesting boxes are handcrafted out of quality western red cedar, cypress or eastern white pine.
    Wood Duck Houses (13)

  • Purple Martin Houses for attracting colonies of nesting Purple Martins. Quality Purple Martin Houses made from aluminum, plastic or wood construction. All made with specifications in mind for Purple Martins.
    Purple Martin Houses (74)

  • Purple Martin House Accessories - Looking for Purple Martin House Poles and Accessories? Our martin house accessories are compatible with all the quality Purple Martin Houses offered in our online store.
    Purple Martin House Accessories (53)

  • Woodpecker Houses, Flicker Houses - Quality nesting boxes for all woodpecker and flicker species. Handcrafted out of western red cedar, cypres or eastern white pine lumber.
    Woodpecker/Flicker Houses (13)

  • Robin Nesting Platforms - Looking for a cozy platform for robins to roost? Our quality robin roosting platforms are just the ticket! Mount our robin roosting platforms to a tree trunk, inside a garage, barn, or on the side of a building.
    Robin Nesting Platforms (6)

  • Nesting Pockets or Roosting Pockets make great shelters for wild birds in the winter, and nesting cavities in the spring and summer. Hang these natural nesting pockets in multiples and create a whole "community" of feathered neighbors!
    Nesting/Roosting Pockets (81)

  • Wild Woolies Handmade Felt Bird Houses - Eco-friendly sustainable felt bird nesting houses made from 100% natural wool. Carefully hand crafted by skilled Fair Trade artisans. Many whimsical designs to choose from. These make wonderful gifts!
    Wild Woolies Handmade Felt Bird Houses (48)

  • Bird House Kits for all ages and levels of expertise! We have a large selection of cedar wood birdhouse kits, bird feeder kits and bat house kits. These make great scouting projects!
    Bird House Kits (25)

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