The Original Audubon Bird Call

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The Original Audubon Bird Call Sets The Standard!

The original handcrafted Audubon Bird Call consists of a birchwood roller and a zinc plug. When twisted, this remarkable instrument makes a variety of sounds. Each Audubon Bird Call is handmade and individually hand tuned. With reasonable care, and periodic re-application of rosin from the included capsule, the call will last a lifetime. The call comes in a classic red finish. Made in the USA! 

Dimension: 3.5" x 1"

Made in the USA!

History of Roger Eddy Adubon Bird Call

History of Roger Eddy Original Audubon Bird Call 

Roger Eddy, shown here with family and friends assembling the Audubon Bird Call by hand in his living room in 1951,  created the call after seeing similar devices used in northern Italy.  For over 50 years, the Audubon Bird Call has been crafted by hand in New England and is now considered the standard bird call throughout the world.  Roger died in 2003, and his grandchildren, have been proud to continue this family business.

Read a Bird Watcher's Digest article about Roger Eddy and the history of the Audubon Bird Call!    

The Original Audubon Bird Call