Soda Bottle Watering Well Tri-Pack

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Category : Bird Waterers
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Turn an Empty Soda Bottle into a Water Source For Wild Birds!

Birds love water!  Offering a source of water can increase the number of wild birds you attract to your yard.


  • Provides a water source for thirsty birds
  • Has 4 perches and 4 water holes
  • Comes with Watering Tray, Net, and Hanger (Soda Bottle not included)
  • Is a perfect companion for Soda Bottle Bird Seed and Nectar Feeders
  • Promotes re-use of plastic soda bottles
  • Encourages care and respect for wild life
  • Set of three Soda Bottle Watering Wells per Tri-Pack

Easy to use!

Just fill a clean, empty soda bottle with fresh water. Screw the blue watering tray onto the top of the filled bottle. Turn the bottle upside down so the tray is facing downward. Stretch the blue netting over the bottle and secure the hanger to the netting. Hang Soda Bottle Watering Well in a tree near your bird feeders.

Save $$ when you purchase a set of 6 Soda Bottle Watering Wells! (available at checkout)