Black Bear Wildlife Car Magnet

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Celebrate the Magnificance of America's Wildlife!

Makes a wonderful gift for the outdoor enthusiast!

Our Black Bear Wildlife Car Magnets can be used on any metal surface, cars, trucks, boats, refrigerators, gun safes, tool boxes, file cabinets... the possibilities are endless. The backside of each magnet is laminated to protect the finish on your vehicle's painted surface. The full-color printing is U.V. protected to help prevent fading in direct sunlight, giving the magnet years of use. Each magnet is powerfully magnetized to ensure great adherence, even at high speeds. Individually packaged and perfect for gift giving. Made in the USA!

Dimensions: 5" x 5.75" 

Made in the USA

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American Expedition Black Bear Car Magnet

American Expedition Wildlife Car Magnets

American Expedition Celebrating the Magnificance of America's Wildlife

American Expedition celebrates the spirit and passion of modern day explorers by commemorating their exploration and discovery experiences in America on a collection of aesthetically appealing "functional gifts." It equates modern day "explorations" (including traveling, camping, hiking, hunting, bird watching, and fishing) to the romance of early American exploration and discovery.

American Expedition products are "authentic functional gifts for the modern day explorer." The items reflect the unique appreciation and sense of pride modern day explorers have for nature and wildlife in America. The quality and integrity of the product line is a tribute to those who seek to experience and share America's natural beauty. American Expedition products authentically capture the emotions, the intellectual, and the visual sensations that are discovered while exploring America. They feature quality graphics, present accurate information about wildlife and nature, and provide inspirational sayings that relate to the modern day explorer and their relationship with nature and wildlife.